Denya Fanart – Alibi Cami

Hello all!  I am so excited to show you the amazing cover art for Longtails: The Storms of Srping this Sunday, but in the meantime, we have some more amazing fanart!  This one comes from Alibi Cami and I love it because it is just so friggin’ adorable!  Seriously, I would read an entire children’s book with this artwork.  You know what?  Scrap the book!  Let’s start over and this time it will be a bedtime story!  Just kidding, of course.  I also love seeing Denya read her recipe book.  So cute!

Denya fanart - alibi

Kando Fanart – Mean Green

Hello all!  Today I am so excited because I woke up to our very first Kando fanart.  Kando is a hardened warrior.  He’s literally taken down a deer all by himself as part of his rite of passage as a member of the Demon Clan.  That being said, seeing him look so friggin’ adorable was too much for me to handle.  I just love it!!!  Thanks Mean Green for this cute picture of Mr. Grumpy Pants!

Kando fanart

Denya Fanart – Breathly

Hello fellow Longtails, today we have a new fanart from Breathly.  This just so happens to also be the very first fanart of Denya.  As I mentioned before, Denya reads recipes for her different concoctions from her big book.  She also keeps all her recent discoveries there as well.  Part alchemist, part fighter, the Concoctors of the Longtails world rely heavily on intelligence and a search for answers in the perfecting of their abilities.


Arthur Fanart – Maja Klonowska

This piece of Fanart this week comes from the talented Maja Klonowska who can be found at MayaWolf on Fur Affinity.  This picture is really cool to me, for reasons that have nothing to do with the artwork itself.  One of my favorite things about working on a new book is that it somehow manages to force me to meet all kinds of new people.  Longtails has had the great effect of introducing me to the Furry community.  And while not a Furry myself, I have to say that this community has been nothing but welcoming and wonderful so far!  That’s what this piece really represents to me because it is certainly done in a very Furry style.  Besides all that, Arthur loves him some rest and relaxation.  He’s more of the hardly working type than the working hard type.  Thank you Maja!!!