Finalized Mouselands Map

Hello all,

Just a quick update today!  I wanted to share the now finalized map of the Mouselands and surrounding areas.  On April 24th, you’ll get to join Del and the Longtails as they venture across the land on a mission which could mean the very safety of all mouse kind!  Enjoy this little sneak peek in the meantime!

Mouselands Map

Who Are the Longtails – Lore Update #1

Longtails: The Storms of Spring hits shelves on April 24, 2018.  That may seem like a long time from now, but I can guarantee it will be here before either of us is willing to admit it.  With that in mind, I’m hoping to post some sort of fun update about the book every week from here on out.  This might be anything from maps of the world or various towns, to character reveals and bios, or even, as we get closer to release, short stories from the world of Longtails!

That being said, let’s start with some basics.  Namely, who are the Longtails anyway?


History of the Longtails

The mice did not always live in the prosperous and, more importantly, safe city of Verden, found at the heart of the Mouselands.  Long long ago, they lived far to the North, in a war ravaged land, dangerously close to running out of food and livable land.  The singular ruler of the mice, Queen Ganafeila, had chosen five mice to journey South in order to find a new home for their people.  Most mice were trained for battle in this time, because war was all they had known for many generations.  But it was strongly believed, and has since been disproved, that the strongest warriors were those with the longest tails.  Thus, the five warriors with the longest tails, were chosen for the mission and the band of mice was called the Longtails.

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