What is Longtails?

Longtails is a new book series which kick off with the now available Book One:  The Storms of Spring.  

Excerpt from the Back Cover:

In a not too distant future, humanity is extinct.  The world is now ruled by animals who wield swords, magic and technology (in some cases) to create and protect vast empires.  One mouse, in particular, avoids all of this by staying home and reading comic books, left over by mankind.

Del Hatherhorne prefers to read about heroes rather than to actually become one.  But when it is discovered that he bears an ancient power with the ability to commune and call the four elements to his aid, he is swept up into the Longtails, a mouse military force tasked with protecting the Mouselands and all of mouse-kind.  From knife-wielding minks, to terrifying flocks of shrikes and even a pack of squirrel skyrates (sky pirates), Del will have to leave his comfy home and the safety of the Mouselands if he hopes to learn how to use his new found powers and uncover a plot to end his life.

From Jaysen Headley, author of A Love Story for Witches and A Home for Wizards, comes an epic fantasy about mice, magic, adventure and the power that comes when we choose to believe in ourselves.  Grab your sword, practice your spells and answer the call of the Longtails.

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Below is the first teaser poster, released at New York Comic Con.  Jump down further to learn more about the series!

Longtails Poster 1

What is Longtails?

Longtails is a new series which tells the story of mice living in a dangerous world in the far future, long after humanity has gone extinct.  As they try to survive, they’ll encounter all sorts of different animal clans.  Some who have learned to harness the power of technology from the old world and others who have learned to control magic and the elements.  Based on high fantasy and my love of tabletop role-playing games, Longtails is, at its heart, an adventure story, and this April, I hope you will join their journey and Answer the Call to be one of the prestigious mouse soldiers, protectors and journeymen known as The Longtails.


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