What is Longtails?

I am extremely pleased to officially announce my next novel, which will kick off a brand new series, Longtails: The Storms of Spring.  Below is the first teaser poster, released at New York Comic Con.  Jump down further to learn more about the series!

Longtails Poster 1

What is Longtails?

Longtails is a new series which tells the story of mice living in a dangerous world in the far future, long after humanity has gone extinct.  As they try to survive, they’ll encounter all sorts of different animal clans.  Some who have learned to harness the power of technology from the old world and others who have learned to control magic and the elements.  Based on high fantasy and my love of tabletop role-playing games, Longtails is, at its heart, an adventure story, and this April, I hope you will join their journey and Answer the Call to be one of the prestigious mouse soldiers, protectors and journeymen known as The Longtails.



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