Del Fanart – Mean Green

Can you even believe that Longtails will be out in NINE DAYS??? I sure can’t.  I remember back in December when I was thinking that April would be here before we knew it and now it’s here!! How time flies.  Today we have a new piece of art from an artist I’ve worked with before on art for the site.  Mean Green did a Kando piece which I shared a while back.  Today we’ve got Del blasting away enemies in one of his favorite past times!  Enjoy!


Arthur Fanart – Maja Klonowska

This piece of Fanart this week comes from the talented Maja Klonowska who can be found at MayaWolf on Fur Affinity.  This picture is really cool to me, for reasons that have nothing to do with the artwork itself.  One of my favorite things about working on a new book is that it somehow manages to force me to meet all kinds of new people.  Longtails has had the great effect of introducing me to the Furry community.  And while not a Furry myself, I have to say that this community has been nothing but welcoming and wonderful so far!  That’s what this piece really represents to me because it is certainly done in a very Furry style.  Besides all that, Arthur loves him some rest and relaxation.  He’s more of the hardly working type than the working hard type.  Thank you Maja!!!


Del Hatherhorne


Del is not a hero.  Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same.  Del has spent his entire life trying to stay out of trouble.  He prefers reading and spending his days out of harms way.  When an attack on a Longtails squad happens right outside his house, he can’t help but intervene and at least warn them of the coming danger.  This one act of bravery starts Del down a path to learning of a secret locked deep inside him, as well as joining the Longtails in their quest to better lives across the Mouselands.  It just goes to show that if one is going to commit to a life of not taking action, they shouldn’t let ANYTHING deter them from it.

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Denya Woodhollow


Art by Dexter Allagahrei

The Longtails, being made up of many small bands of mice, are a varied group.  As such, each mouse has special talents.  Complimentary jobs are paired up in order to have the best effects when working as a team on a mission.  These teams are called Bands.  Today, I am excited to introduce the second member of our main band of Longtails mice, the potion mixing extraordinaire and top-notch Concoctor, Denya Woodhollow!

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