Arthur Fanart – Maja Klonowska

This piece of Fanart this week comes from the talented Maja Klonowska who can be found at MayaWolf on Fur Affinity.  This picture is really cool to me, for reasons that have nothing to do with the artwork itself.  One of my favorite things about working on a new book is that it somehow manages to force me to meet all kinds of new people.  Longtails has had the great effect of introducing me to the Furry community.  And while not a Furry myself, I have to say that this community has been nothing but welcoming and wonderful so far!  That’s what this piece really represents to me because it is certainly done in a very Furry style.  Besides all that, Arthur loves him some rest and relaxation.  He’s more of the hardly working type than the working hard type.  Thank you Maja!!!


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