Del Hatherhorne


Del is not a hero.  Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same.  Del has spent his entire life trying to stay out of trouble.  He prefers reading and spending his days out of harms way.  When an attack on a Longtails squad happens right outside his house, he can’t help but intervene and at least warn them of the coming danger.  This one act of bravery starts Del down a path to learning of a secret locked deep inside him, as well as joining the Longtails in their quest to better lives across the Mouselands.  It just goes to show that if one is going to commit to a life of not taking action, they shouldn’t let ANYTHING deter them from it.


Name:  Del Hatherhorne

Age:  7 Seasons

Fur Color:  Brown


  • Reading comic books, RPG core books and any sort of literature left behind by humans part of a sub-culture known as ‘NERD.’
  • Playing video games, particularly the puzzly kind.
  • Staying indoors and not being bothered by other mice.



  • Being bothered by other mice.
  • Going outside.
  • Being forced to put down a book at the best part.




I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take a lot of Del’s personality from my own.  Del’s the kind of character who doesn’t get along easily with other mice.  It’s not that he’s mean or rude, but just not as understood.  His head is usually in the clouds, and while he wants to do the right thing, he doesn’t always want to put in the effort to get there.  Del has gone through several changes since I first conceived of him, but two things have remained the same, his name and that adorable scarf.


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