Art by Dexter Allagahrei

Barrel-Fist is one of our villains!  As such, there won’t be a whole lot of details on him.  Let’s face it, villains are better left with an air of mystery!

Who is Barrel-Fist

Very little is known about Barrel-Fist.  Minks are often born with a more normal name, but then given a new one when they take their place among the horde.  They are named after the most threatening thing about them.  Knife-Edge.  Razor-Thorn.  Scraggle-Tooth.  Barrel-Fist was named for the Minigun which was attached to his arm after his original forearm and paw were lost.  No one knows how he lost the arm.  No one dares to ask.  Barrel-Fist is a force to be reckoned with and his team of minks don’t dare question his methods.  He leads the terrifying band of assassins, the Copper Clan.



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