Roderick Kegglefitz


Art by Dexter Allagahrei

Roderick is a stern, hardened leader.  Known as a Woodcutter, or axe-wielding mouse, Roderick was one of the first characters I ever created for this series.  Something about a mouse with a big ol’ axe for a weapon just seems so fun to me!  Okay, let’s jump in and learn a little bit more about this warrior.


Name:  Roderick Kegglefitz

Age:  18 Seasons

Fur Color:  Hazle


  • A good plan and a well executed strategy.
  • Watching a mouse pup grow into a competent, thoughtful adult.
  • Teaching and sharing his wisdom.
  • A good book.  “Reading is good for the soul,” as Roderick always says.


  • Being too hasty.
  • Mice who don’t stand by their word.
  • Being told ‘No’ by the Council of Five even when he knows he’s right.



Roderick is the ever important Father figure.  When writing Roderick, I often found myself channeling characters like Gandalf or Dumbledore, except for the fact that he knows absolutely no spells.  Roderick is a tough as nails knight, but battling for so many years has not turned him cold or jaded.  Rather, Roderick has become warm and nurturing in his old age.  His need to teach and raise young pups to become the Mouse leaders of tomorrow guides every decision he makes.

I think that characters like Roderick often end up being ‘above’ the action.  But Roderick will certainly get into the thick of it.  He’s old and wise, but he is a fighter at heart and will wield his mighty axe in an instant if it means protecting his band of Longtails.  Roderick is an Alpha in the Longtails and has earned respect throughout the Mouselands.

Being a Good Alpha

The Longtails bands are made up of mice of different levels of authority.  Here are the ranks in order from highest to lowest.

Alpha – The leader of a band.  The lives of the mice in the band and the decisions they make rest on this mouse’s shoulders.  This mouse is also the only one who has direct dealings with the Council and receives missions and reports back to them once the mission is complete.

Beta – Not present in all bands, a Beta is an Alpha in training.  They will soon take on a band of their own. 

Srapper-Elite – Fighters through and through.  Scrapper Elite’s have no interest in leadership.  Point them in the direction of a threat that needs to be thwarted and they will take care of it.  Scrapper-Elite’s are somewhat like mercenaries.  They are not permanently in any band, and are only assigned to one if the mission is of particular importance OR if the mission is expected to have a heavy amount of combat. 

Scrapper – Scrappers are the main makeup of any band.  They are seasoned fighters and have fully completed at least one, if not several, missions with their band.  

Rook – These are the new recruits to the Longtails.  Mice are quickly put with a band and do very little training behind closed doors as mice believe the best way to learn is by doing.  

Because of all these levels of seniority, an Alpha has to able to juggle all levels of strengths and weaknesses as well as train and assist Rooks and Scrappers into raising to new ranks if they so desire.  An Alpha also receives missions from the council and must then debrief his/her band before heading out into the field.  Alpha’s are given quite a bit of room for interpretation and usually use their own skills to guide the course of any given mission.

The Longtails Code

I’ve posted this in a previous update, but it’s worth repeating.  The Alpha lives, breathes and sleeps by the Longtails Code.  They teach it to their Rooks and make sure to spread the hope of it across the land as they go.  An Alpha is always looking for new talent that could add to the Longtails’ huge wealth of mice fighters, healers and mages.

When adventure calls, and danger is near

The Longtails rise, have no fear.

Swords, shields and magics abound

will help them do any task to be found.

Ears up, dear mice, for night will fall,

yet still you’ll hear their mighty call.

For Longtails keep the darkness at bay,

and morning will rise again this day.

So when you hear the Longtails call,

be bold and true and brave.

Answer the call. Whiskers and all.

The longest tails forever wave.

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